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Rupert Giles

30 September
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Born a Watcher prodigy, Rupert Giles took over Buffy's Slayer training and mentoring when Buffy moved to Sunnydale after her former Watcher, Merrick, had been killed. Upon graduating from Oxford University, Giles dreamed of being a fighter pilot or a grocer. Unfortunately, he was forced into the family business of Slayer nurturing. Even after his youthful rebellion as the demon-summoning Ripper, his intelligence (and the Watchers Council) eventually set him on his destined path.

When he first moved to Sunnydale, Giles was the Sunnydale High Librarian whose sole purpose was to train and guide the newly arrived Buffy in Slayer ways. During his tenure at Sunnydale High he met his one true love, Jenny Calendar. Unfortunately, Jenny was killed by Angelus. Although having other dalliances; Giles never found anyone to take Jenny’s place making him somewhat of a romantic hermit. Still, he was stalwart with his quest to make Buffy the best slayer that she could be.

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