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Guests wanted and...and not wanted. From thepowerplayers [Jan. 13th, 2007|10:52 pm]
[mood |annoyedannoyed]

Many of the girls were ready to be buried and I had tired of watching the morticians, who were working for an ungodly salary cleaning and beautifying beautiful girls who were dead and would never help save the world from demons again.

I walked out of the office, even if only briefly to try to gather my thoughts on what I was viewing the paid workers do. It was incomprehensible to me, the tragedy of all of this, even though I had more then a day and a half to come to grips with it and even though I had already binged with drinking to try to cure my mind from having to come to grips with it.

The stark reality was that all of these girls had become known to me and though they weren’t as special to me as Buffy was, it made me fathom Buffy dying twenty-seven times when looking at the dead slayers and if you count Willow and Robin, it made it all the more preternatural and unbelievable.

The fact was, though, that it had occurred, and they were gone. They weren’t coming back and they all had families, or most of them did, that had yet to be contacted, which was a reality that too, I was not looking forward to. I would tackle that rugby player when it came and would likely do so with the aide of Xander and Andrew, when they returned.

I brewed myself a tea and tried to focus on the wonderful news that three more slayers had been called. Dawn becoming a slayer was amazing and I knew that it would make Buffy soften for she was certainly angry with me right now. Andrew contacting the other two girls, one in Cleveland and one in Chicago, filled me with a bit of trepidation that he would fail, but I chose to ignore that devil on the shoulder, because Andrew’s zest for such a thing was even greater then that of my own.

I started to walk back towards the mortician’s workroom, the Lampley room, when I heard the bell ring and heard a knock on the door. I sipped my tea once more, then put it down by the kitchen and walked over to the door, peering through the peephole to readily see Angel, which immediately got my angry juices flowing. I hesitated in opening the door immediately, but another knock sufficiently annoyed me enough to find Angel there with Faith, Cordelia, whom I thought was deceased and another man that I didn’t recognize. Behind them, Wesley, a blue-haired woman and a black man were coming towards them and they grabbed Cordelia, hugs ensuing.

Faith glared at me with disdain, which was to be expected, though Angel did not, even though I was disgusted at his presence, currently, and the other, unknown gentleman, who looked vaguely familiar to me, possibly from reading in the past, was stoic, looking back at Cordelia, but followed Angel, Faith and myself towards the main floor living room.

I asked Wesley, Cordelia and the other two individuals to come in and then prepared for an assault from Faith, which was certainly forthcoming.

[Faith, Angel and the Eternal]
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Overloaded while hung over. From thepowerplayers [Dec. 5th, 2006|04:30 pm]
[mood |distresseddistressed]

Somehow, in the midst of all of the tragedy, self doubt, denial and guilt, and after all of the excessive drinking, I managed to sleep.

It was more predominantly a product of passing out, of course, then actually falling asleep, for sleep by itself, without the aid of substances at this point, would have been impossible for me.

I was sure that it was that I would have slept for more then twelve hours with the amount that I had consumed, if it wasn’t for the fact that I could hear the choppers landing in the field just outside of my office.

My head throbbed, but it was deserved, so I didn’t feel any type of way about that, but I knew that I had failed to acquire the services of the team of Morticians from Wembley that I would need to do all of the work on the girls coming in and it was of some urgency that this be handled immediately. This late in the day, it would be hard to acquire their services, but I made the phone call anyway and talked to a rather stodgy chap who didn’t agree to do this work unless I had paid him an ungodly amount of money.

I agreed, of course, although trying to explain why I had twenty-seven bodies coming this way and another that was already here, in Chola, was quite the task, but not too much deftness was required. They were being paid for services and weren’t performing autopsies, so there would be no need for any police involvement. However, being as drunk as I was, and now, hung over from that binging, I told them that they were fighters and had been killed in Los Angeles and that if they turned on the news, they would see on CNN and probably the BBC as well, everything that had transpired.

I turned on the news as the four men who had flown all day from Los Angeles with the bodies came in, carrying two bodies at a time. I hadn’t prepared caskets for twenty-seven. I told them to place the bodies on the floor in the Varden Hall and that I would purchase the requisite caskets as well. I was in over my head, particularly in my state. Xander was gone and when I went to try to find Andrew, I realized that in anger and haste, earlier, I had fired him. I put my hand to my head.

I tried calling him, but received only his voice mail and left a message that I was sorry and that I was drunk, and that he had not lost his job. I would wait for his call, although groveling to the likes of Andrew, particularly in my current mind set…was…was not something that I relished doing.

I followed the pilots as they came to and fro, entering the estate from my office door that led outside onto a marbled patio, and looked on at the girls on the floor as they were brought in, and had to resist the urge to drink further. This was unsettling and more people then just the morticians would soon be here with an exorbitant bill for me, as twenty-seven caskets would not be cheap. I made that call and the price tag made me definitively want to drink some more, but I didn’t.

This was going to be a long and tiresome night, but no matter how depleting that it was, it could not compare to last night. It could not compare to the night when they had all died in a battle that I should not have sent them in to. I didn’t bother contacting Buffy, or Faith, or Melissa, and hadn’t heard as of yet, if there was indeed a fourth slayer that had survived, or if she too had been killed somewhere and not yet found, or worse…
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Rupert Giles as the First in Paris. From huntedmerciless [Nov. 20th, 2006|11:14 pm]
[mood |amusedamused]

I was fairly confident that my pursuit of Boris Reminger, the nazi-vamp in Hamburg had been successful. He said that he would be in Vienna tomorrow, and that was one very powerful ally that I wanted and needed to fight the remaining slayers, of which, Buffy Summers and the could-be-made evil Faith Lehane lived through the shooting of the other slayers, and were still alive, and two girls. Melissa Collier in Orlando, Florida and Jada Silver in Atlanta, Georgia had recently been chosen.

I needed Boris to fight them, and Spike and Angel, two useless pawns whom I tried to come with me on numerous occassions, with no success, but I knew that Boris wouldn't be enough. There was also the boy, Angel's son, who would soon come to realize his power. I regretted sending the now deceased Montauc after him, for had we left him alone, then he may never learn of his power. Angel might let him live safely. Still, if Montauc hadn't failed, then there would be no worry about Connor now.

Montauc failed and I needed powerful demons who were also legendary for their brainpower and tactics when it came to the art and strategy of a good kill, of which, there was nothing better. Boris was one of them, and I then went to London to meet with Fangdan Wood and Rory the rage Bronson, who were both three-hundred years old and between them, had killed nine slayers in their lives.

Fangdan and Rory received me well and enjoyed meeting me, but wanted no part in anything but their own lethal battles with the Lycans and Spider demons that occurred daily in England. I tried to convince them not to kill those other demons and that we should all come together, and I believed it was what sent me out of their plans. Killing a few slayers meant nothing to them, and neither of them seemed to have disdain for Angel and Spike, even if they had souls. The two of them never killed vampires and killing slayers wasn't what it used to be to them. They had war and evil in their hearts that didn't beat for the Spider demons and Lycans in London and Manchester and Birmingham, and had no time for my will. I would remember that when the world was mine, but I didn't hold it against them as I left and ended up in yet another palace. Zenking Xavier's majestic palace off of Montmartre overlooking the Seine and the Tour Eiffel adn the wretched sacre-couer cathedral.

I needed more then Boris. I still had Leonardo to visit, but I had to appeal to Xavier's detests. He hated Americans and slayers and would be a better version of a French killer, much better, then had Montauc. Buffy Summers, Faith Lehane, Melissa Collier, Jada Silver, Angel, Spike, Connor, Riley and the girl with the visions would be too formidable for just Boris, despite how capable that he was. They all had to be eliminated so that there could be no stopping Cleveland's hellmouth from erupting and bringing forth my glorious demons and true power and form to the Earth.

Melissa Collier and Jada Silver were particularly vulnerable and striking at them fatally before the vision woman, Cordelia Chase had another vision, was increasingly important. This Justin vampire, now with a soul, was a wildcard. I would look into infecting him with evil and controlling him, too.

Right now, it was about Xavier, the zenking vampire, who too had a Lycan problem, but had controlled it better then they had in England. I happened into his room, apst several members, underlings in his legion and found him plowing into a virgin girl, before eventually taking the blood from her neck. Ripper Giles had to make a good pitch. Xavier was needed.

He looked at me alarmed.

"Now, Xavier, that's what i want to see from you, except how would you like the girl on the other end to have slayer's blood in her system? I know that you haven't killed a slayer in a while, but while none of these girls are virgins, wouldn't you like too find out how four slayers living with slayer power at once would taste? Four slayers, Xavier. It's not supposed to be possible, but it's there..."

He looked at me, naked, getting off of the girl and grabbing a robe, with awe.

[Zenking Xavier]
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Guilt, sadness...heavy drinking. From thepowerplayers [Nov. 19th, 2006|04:13 am]
[mood |guiltyguilty]

The phone call from Faith had been most distressing. I couldn't fathom how I had been such an idiot, a moron, a birk. There weren't enough bad adjectives to describe me. I had been irrational and had let Xander's mindset influence my intelligence and my coherent reasoning. I had let Buffy and Faith going and Dawn's breaking free from Andrew's pleas for her not to go...inf...influence me.

The phone call from Faith came not long after I had sent Melissa and Xander, not...not that I could curtail them to Los Angeles to make sure that any girls living were brought here. I didn't expect them to have success at getting Buffy and Faith to return, but certainly one slayer was alive, and her whereabouts and identity were unknown. Dawn was also still there and I would hope that Buffy and Faith would return to honor the dead.

Faith's call had told me point blank that twenty-seven slayers along with Willow, which I already knew and Robin, were dead. Coldly, she asked me to send a chopper with body bags in for the clean up, which was crass, but obviously, Faith blamed me. Buffy likely blamed me, and she was already perturbed with me, anyway, so I could understand the cold...the distance in Faith's voice when she spoke to me.

The chopper would acquire the dead girls and bring them here for burials which I would have to oversee. Melissa, Buffy and Faith and one other slayer were all that remained of the Council and tonight, we would bury Chola, killed in Hong Kong while on a mission with Melissa.

I decided to drink a little, and that little turned into a lot, as I waited for a phone call from Melissa and Xander telling me that they found who the last slayer was. It occurred to me that I hadn't even told Xander to look for one slayer still alive. I had been so preoccupied that I hadn't. I called him, poured down more scotch, tipped my head back and when he didn't answer, I realized that on the plane, he wouldn't.


The Council had been shredded, and girls that I had grown quite fond of were now dead. I didn't know how to proceed. One drink at a time, I fathomed and poured another drink, after stumbling over to the sette in my office.

I saw a light from the window, and realized that it was the chopper that I had sent to Heatthrow to collect Andrew and Chola's body. The noise of the chopper confirmed that and I watched from the window as the pilot helped Andrew carry the body to the front door.

I brought my full drink with me and slumbered out to meet them, where I told the pilot to return the chopper to the base, which wasn't far from the estate, and that he now had the night off.

I looked Andrew in the eyes. Why did it have to be him here with me at a moment like this? I supposed it was for the best, actually...he wasn't exactly one to act normal on most occassions, or at least not in the past. He was the perfect witness for my drunken nervous breakdown.

I poured the drink down, and it didn't even burn anymore, as I sat down, and unzipped the bag to see Chola's pretty face, and the bitemarks on her neck. Andrew didn't even know the truth yet.

I carried Chola's body into my office, as Andrew followed. I poured another drink in front of him. I pointed the glass at him. "Here's to three fools. Myself, you and Xander. A drink to tragic stupidity..."

I pointed the glass at him and tipped it back after making eye contact with him.

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To Los Angeles to cure Spike and help Buffy. From down_thespiral [Nov. 7th, 2006|05:02 pm]
[mood |anxiousanxious]

I had made a breakthrough with Spike's trigger. It had all come from something that Willow had stated about mind manipulation, and it occurred to me that there wasn't necessarily a physical catalyst inside of Spike's brain, like there was with the chip in his head placed there by the Government which kept Spike from harming anything or one that wasn't a demon. Before that, I was worried that we wouldn't have an answer, outside of either staking Spike, or brain surgery, and the first of which, much to my...to my chagrin, Buffy wouldn't let me do, and the second thing required a surgeon, which we didn't have.

It made sense and as Xander joked about anything being in Spike's head but air, I realized as I scurried through some volumes in my limited library, that if the First was controlling him, and the First was unable to attain solid form, was unable to affect anything physically, I chided myself for not realizing that sooner.

Time was certainly of the essence here. Angelus, we had found, was somehow loose again in Los Angeles, which was the reason that Buffy, Dawn, and Spike, after Buffy had saved him after killing the Tourrekhan, had gone to Los Angeles. The only probably with that scenario, which created the time being of the essence that it indeed was, was that at any moment, Spike's trigger, which had made him kill people again, according to what I had already heard, could turn him against Buffy at any second, and if it were to happen when they were near Angelus, then it could be fatal for Buffy and certainly for Dawn.

I held no trepidation about Buffy being able to protect Dawn and handle herself against either Spike or Angelus; She had come so far and was probably the most powerful slayer in the history of all of the slayers, but against both of them, no slayer would stand a chance, alone, let alone that Buffy...that Buffy had to protect Dawn simultaneously.

I had just returned from a rather disgusting trip to Europe, and had barely spoken of the Council being destroyed and hadn't at all mentioned that I was nearly decapitated, and now, there was this.

"What about Kennedy and the girls? Are we just going to leave them here, alone?"

"The tourrekan is destroyed. Everything should be safe here...safe for a time, anyway. Willow, have Kennedy in charge and for God's sake, tell her to keep the doors locked and that they should stay inside except for at night. Xander, grab as many swords as you can and a vial or two of holy water. Los Angeles is bathed in permanent darkness and we are going in without a slayer, initially."

I waited by the door, anxious to leave, knowing how important time was, currently for Buffy and Dawn.

[Willow and Xander]
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Napoleon has arrived and is most pleased. From bocadelinferno [Nov. 1st, 2006|05:48 am]
[mood |Festive]

Traditionally, vampires and demons find Halloween to be tacky and don't attack on this night, so in that spirit, I decided to throw the gala of all galas. Though, it's not hasty to say that preparing for gigs as it were, is not my specialty.

I had some ideas of course. I wanted it to be extravagant and lavish, so I spoke to someone who had been to a lot of parties, to my knowledge, in the past and that very person was Cassie.

Budgetary concerns were not an issue, I had told her, although I did mention that going extraneously overboard might delve slightly into her salary. Point made, I cleared away from the Estate for a few days, wanting it to be a surprise even to me. There had been the nagging certainty that I perhaps, should have checked things out before arriving, but I trusted Cassie, who was a faithful watcher, with a vivacious soul.

I arrived the day of the party and I must say...that whomever that she hired to cater this thing had done a spectacular job. If the turnout was just right, this would be a memorable evening and I was sure that most of the girls and the watchers would be here. Night was quickly this way coming, and I hadn't transformed myself through my costume.

I slid away and spent nearly an hour putting on the costume, and applying makeup. Confident that I had hit all of the right notes, I grabbed the plastic sword, albeit that in the world that we lived in, I very much contemplated using a real one, and sought to find Cassie and pull her aside for a lecture of very good job, and what did this cost.

Our guests had already started to arrive. Well, in the strictest of meanings, most of them probably wouldn't be guests, although some of them were surely quite likely to bring people who had no reson to be here during the normal day to day operations. The offices were small, but if my acumen was high, I reasoned that Cassie would be waiting for me to give her my praise, or a tongue-lashing.

I opened the door and saw her. If it were not for my height, I was certain that she wouldn't recognize me, but my voice and my lanky size made any costume a dead give-away, virtually, short of covering my face and even then, trickeration probably was not in the cards for me. I chose to be ironic, not having very much respect for the French, by in large, and not leading an army of men to take over different empires, although I did lead an army, as some would see it.

Deciding to play the role, I decided to speak French to open things with Cassie, although I had no idea if her studies of Gushundi and Aramaic led her to actually study live and current languages of the Earth. Her costume was unique, although I noticed immediately that it was her, primarily because she was in her office.

"Tres bien, mademoiselle Robson. La Soiree est grandiose. Emperor Bonaparte est tres amuse"

She studied me. Bloody hell. I chose the safe side. "Very well done, Miss Robson. The party is extravagant, and Emperor Bonaparte is pleased, the perfect notes were hit. How much did this cost?"

Okay, so not everything festive was on my mind. Money was, money was important too.

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The massive battle begins; Part seven. [Oct. 18th, 2006|10:36 pm]
[mood |gloomygloomy]

I heard Xander just on the fringes of going outside, heard him...heard him as if I were blessed with the hearing of a vampire. Set against the backdrop of demons screaming and howling and the crashing down of the deluge of the sky, I heard him say, without preamble, that Willow needed to go dark. To me, considering what was out there, I couldn't agree more. I just...just hoped that like everyone else, out there in the deluge, that she had the courage to do so.

Robin handed me a sword and Chao Ahn walked ahead with purpose, almost robotically, towards the door, while Claire looked at me with comfort as if everything was going to be okay. Somehow, I knew that this wasn't going to be the case and while this was a battle that needed to be thrust upon the world, because of Angel's idiocy, this might be where I died.

Any thoughts of regret about coming, or regret about the way that we had planned things, was gone as we went towards the door. I did, however, say one thing to Buffy, before she walked out. "If we aren't to make it, Buffy, I know that you will and that you will run the Council along with your sister, Andrew and whoever makes it and that you will keep making the world entirely safe."

It was one final opportunity to let Buffy know that I was still someone who could guide her, even if she was so impressive in who she'd become and even if she had battled back every challenge. This was another challenge for her and I knew that she would make it.

As for me, I didn't believe that this would be a battle...a battle that I would survive. I was older and tired and didn't have the strength of anyone else here. I was tall and was an easy target for those demons. I knew that I had assmebled the Council again and had slayers that would survive tonight and I had spearheaded that and had done my part for the world, but more then that, I remembered the old days. I remembered when...when Buffy was defiant, and still I grew to love her and her sister and her friends. I truly believed that these would be my final thoughts and that I would die brutally out there, because of Angel and because of what had Angel had done. I followed Chao Ahn, being pushed by Claire.

But, when I went outside, my feeling that I would die changed. I watched Xander nearly die, and just out of the corner of my eye, I saw Andrea die and Vi lose and arm. It was only a matter of time. Willow shoved the demons back with a fling of her arm, yet she was not trying to kill all of us.

Then, Chao Ahn was swallowed whole, Buffy, Faith and Robin came out and went to work, all vicious, which they needed to be, which I needed to be, and with Claire at my side, we moved along, past Willow who had just killed a demon by burning it alive, and who was about to be attacked.

Xander screamed for her to watch out and I found myself doing it, but turned to focus on what was coming at me. Claire went ballistic, slicing and chopping and kicking demons away when necessary. She was in a good place and I fought by her side, watching her back, since Chao Ahn, bless her soul, had died.

There were so many of them. We had to work together, and so many, had passed on already.

[Claire and Lindsey]
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An intolerable decision. from thepowerplayers [Oct. 18th, 2006|08:38 pm]
[mood |annoyedannoyed]

I was fuming, completely. This intolerable situation created by Buffy and Faith defying their respective duties to go over and help Angel out of a situation that was of his own creation, had just been made inexorably and distastefully worse by the fact that the other Summers girl of the bunch, Dawn, who had no business at all being there, was now there.

The escalation of violence about to be proliferated in Los Angeles, at least according to the coven in Devon, was at such an epic proportion, that truly nobody would be safe. I had instructed Buffy and Faith not to go and they defied me and the Council, and chose to put their very own lives in danger, simply because they did not see Angel for what he was in this case, which…undoubtedly, was an evil vampire. There was no justification, there was nothing he could say, there was no reason that he could possibly offer to bring forth what was described by the coven as hell on the very streets of the City of Angel’s. Angel had done something that was going to harm the live of quite literally, hundreds of thousands and just because he was Angel, and just because Spike too was alive, Buffy and Faith had gone over and a seventeen year old girl, who had no business being in that scenario, had joined them.

Andrew had informed me of her departure and did so with a bloody lip and a black eye. He had tried to stop Dawn and this is what her own physical training had led to. While I was proud that Dawn had become a good fighter, I wasn’t happy with the display, the reason behind it, nor that Andrew had let her out of the door. Buffy and Faith, we could not control, but I did not want Dawn in the front line of danger.

I called an emergency meeting of two of my three watchers. Linda was abroad, in Hong Kong with Chao Ahn, learning about Hong Kong and trying to master her Chinese, but this was such an urgent matter, that I didn’t want to just make the decision without speaking to my watchers, even if one of them was a halfwit, or had been recently, who had just lost a fight, terribly, to a seventeen year old girl, and the other, only six, five or as little as a few years ago, I looked at with care, but with fear, because of his inability to not tell stupid jokes.

As they walked in, I resisted the urge to laugh at them. The situation was far too dire for laughs and anyway, they had both changed, become slightly more sophisticated and each had several girls under their charge. Many things needed to be discussed, but the first, was, what should we do about Faith and Buffy and Los Angeles.

“Take a seat, gentleman. I’m sure that you two are both dominated by the same thoughts that I am, so why don’t we discuss them and work out a strategm for this particular scenario?”

[Xander and Andrew]
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A call to Jenny once I was stablized. From bones_to_flesh [Sep. 2nd, 2006|04:38 pm]
[mood |apatheticapathetic]

I had been taken to the hospital, just in time, according to one of the doctor's who had fixed my injured femoral artery. The artery had been knicked and had a small lesion in it, which caused the majority of the bleeding. The dcotor said that if the wound had gone unchecked, that the hole would have become a gash and that I would have died in minutes.

Alas, I was sewed back up, both the artery in my left leg and it's wound which had caused it, and the flesh wound in my right leg, which had bled rather extensively. I was suprised that the surgery, as it were, had gone so quickly, and smoothly, but the doctor, after infusing me with more blood on what was called a rapid infuser, once he had repaired my wounds, and then filled me wih saline solutions through an iv, and with a regular iv, had told me that the speed and rapidity was truly necessary, for again, if they had waited too long, that I would have bled to death.

They had also given me morphine and I was feeling quite relaxed. There was a slight sting from where the wounds were and fromwhere the knives had fixed me and stitched me, but I was calm, and glad that Buffy was outside, with Angel and that everyone was safe from the Master's clenches.

After the doctor had asked me if this was something that he needed o report to the authorities and after I had told him that it wasn't, and that the robbers...the muggers had gotten away, he left and allowed Buffy, Willow, Xander and Cordelia to come in for a minute or two. I was hugged, which was nice, and assureed them that I was going to be fine.

I then told them that this situation with that Harmony lass knowing of Buffy's identity needed to be discussed with the girl, and looked at Cordelia with some disdain as I said so, even though if it weren't for her transport, then I would have died on the school grounds, from loss of blood.

They left the room and I called Jenny, who sounded tired and possibly annoyed with me, but she softened when she heard the probably slurred tone of my words and voice. I told her what happened, softly and she offered to come down, but I told her that it was sweet, but unnecessary and that it would probably be safer for her to stay in.

She turned cold after that and even though I was drugged, I realized that I shouldn't have reminded her further of the dangers around us, even though the reason for the call was a reminder, for she expressed some hesitance before, after being strung up to help bring the Master back with her blood, as well as mine, Cordelia's and Willow's.

She hung up and I hit the bed, calling myself a pillock for being so stupid. I then called the doctor, wanting to sleep and not think about anhything.

He upped my dosage of morphine, as Buffy shared one final glance with me before I fell asleep.
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The murderer of the Sofilar's in my car. From beautiesnbeasts [Aug. 26th, 2006|10:04 am]
[mood |exanimateexanimate]

Buffy had showed up to get me out of the office in the library after all that...that had transpired on this very long night, escorted by a new friend. The friend turned out to be a vampire named Justin, which...which instantly, especially considering what Angel had done...or what Angelus had done, to Jenny, then to Willow and finally, to Cordelia, made me especially wary of him.

Justin told me that he had taken care of the two hitmen who had tried to kill both Buffy and Faith in something truly aggregious, known as slayerfest. He had mentioned that he had killed one of the hitmen and had to, or Buffy and Faith, or at least one of them, probably would have been shot and killed.

For that, I had to look upon him as somewhat of an ally, at least, for the lack of a better word. He certainly wasn't an adversary. Justin, however, had also mentioned that there was another vampire, whom he described as probably an enemy to all of us, who had killed the other hitman. His description of this other vampire, left me thinking, and put a couple of thoughts in my head...The other vampire was tall, with blond hair and spoke a German tongue. That made me believe of the much heralded and notrious vampire from Germany, Boris, but it was all specualtion until I could show Justin a picture of the nazi vampire, and have him identify Boris, with absolution.

That was a matter that I didn't want to entertain. Angel was evil and had made Cordelia evil, and they would surely be back, so if Boris was in town, it was not going to be safe, for any of us.

Buffy seemed to want to defend Justin, whom I obviously questioned, when Buffy said that he, like Angel, had a soul. Her defending of him did...did not sit very well with me, but I would hear him out. If he was good, and cared for Buffy, like he seemed to, then his help would be needed against Angelus, Cordelia, probably Spike, and certainly Boris, who seemed to be in town, if Justin's description of him was accurate.

The police came, just after Justin had explained to me how he had killed the Sofilar demons, who were benevolent, vampire-killing demons that resided in Europe. Justin started his story by asking me if I had heard of them, and of course, I had. They were undefeated against vampires in history, as far as I was aware, at least in that none of them, and there were three of them, had ever been killed by a vampire, which didn't mean that they successfully killed every vampire foe, but certainly meant that they were formidable.

I spoke to the police, at the school to investigate why there were two students...two children dead, there. I told the police of the hitmen, but didn't mention that they were both dead, which they were, both at Justin's hands and at Boris'. After several minutes of bureaucracy, and routine, the police allowed me to leave, and as I walked over to Buffy standing with Justin, the story that Justin had just told me, still played in my mind.

"Well, I was in London meeting up with Rory, who blamed me for Brandy's death on a cruise ship at the hands of a lynch mob. He sired Brandy and she was his lover, but she left after two centuries, came to America, and along with Adria, they sired me together. Brandy was my lover, and Rory knew it and resented me for it. He hated me more when he found that she had died. He blamed me for it and lured me into a situation where I had to fight the Sofilar demons. I had heard of them from my sires, and was told of their powers, abilities and what they could do to a vampire. I didn't seek them out, nor did I ever just pray on helpless people for blood. They came after me. I don't know how Rory knew where they would be, but they attacked me, and I defended myself. I killed two of the three and when fighting with the third, I was bitten before killing it. I know that the holy water in their veins was supposed to kill me instantly, a dust explosion, but it didn't happen. I also know that they never failed against a vampire in the past, not one of them alone, and I killed all three of them. I guess that it makes me quite the warrior, I suppose, and I'm here to help. I've been receiving visions since I woke up with a soul after the Sofilar bite...visions of Buffy. I didn't know who she was, but I knew that she was important and that whoever kept me alive for some reason after I should have exploded from the bite, wanted me to help, and I want nothing more then to help Buffy..and you, I suppose, in the process. I assure you that guilt fills me for many of my wrongs of the past, and nothing more then killing the Sofilar demons..."

I didn't want to be at the school anymore, and was woozy from accidentally shooting myself with a tranquilizer dart, when trying to put the two men with the guns, shooting people, down. I, however, didn't...didn't want to leave Buffy alone with Justin just yet, either. I believed him, fully, although I wasn't sure how we was able to survive a Sofilar bite, or why the powers in control of these things would allow him to live, but research was required, and surely, there wouldn't be any precedent for what he had become, and how. For the time being, I had to take what he had said at face value.

Still, I didn't want him alone with Buffy, which I knew that he would be if I left both of them. So, I invited them both over to my home, and as we got into the car and drove there, I was left with a predeliction to question myself for inviting another vampire into my home, but if needed, I knew the spell to cast a vampire back out...I knew the de-invitation spell, and would use it if necessary. I felt, currently...currently, though, that he and Buffy being near me was called for. I couldn't simply just trust Buffy being around another vampire, considering the track record with Angel, even if I did...did believe Justin's tale.

He was affiliated with Rory and Adria and Brandy, and more then likely, Fangdan, as a result, and he had faced the Sofilar's, which, on top of everything else, gave Buffy, Justin and myself, a lot to discuss. I just didn't know where...where to begin. I looked over to Buffy, who couldn't be unaffected by Justin's tale of killing the Sofilar's and his souling. She had known of this before he told me, but I couldn't believe that he had just spille dhis guts to her, in such a short time, like h did for me when he found out that I was her watcher. There were so many questions that I wanted to ask about his past, and his connections with his sires, and if he was going to help us, then...then there was also so much that he needed to know about Angel, Willow, Jenny and Cordelia, and many other things, not to mention, that we had to prepare for them for the future, and apparently, we had to prepare for Boris being in Sunnydale, at the hellmouth.

Again, I looked at Buffy, with Justin in the back, scrunched behind us, hoping that she could intervene and break...break the silence. There was much to discuss, and I wa a little too intoxicated by pheno-barbitol, to know where to begin. I wished to God that I felt revived and several mugs of tea were in my future, so that I could attain some clarity, for there were so many things that needed discussing.

[Buffy and Justin]
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